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Related Party Transactions (Details)

Related Party Transactions (Details) - USD ($)
1 Months Ended
Dec. 07, 2020
Sep. 21, 2020
Related Party Transactions (Textual)    
Net proceeds   $ 500,000
Equity purchase agreement, description The Company entered into an Equity Purchase Agreement with Purnovate, LLC to purchase all of the outstanding membership interests of Purnovate from the members of Purnovate (the "Members"), such that after the acquisition, Purnovate would be a wholly owned subsidiary of Adial. Purnovate is a drug development company with a platform focused on developing drug candidates for non-opioid pain reduction and other diseases and disorders potentially targeted with adenosine analogs that are selective, potent, stable, and soluble. Adial's Chief Executive Officer and board member, William B. Stilley, and another Adial board member were, directly or indirectly, members of Purnovate. Messrs. Stilley and Newman agreed to sell their membership interests on the same terms as the other Members, except that Mr. Stilley is subject to a two (2) year lock up with respect to the sale and transfer of the stock consideration that he receives so long as his employment has not been terminated by the Company without cause prior to the end of such period. Mr. Stilley owned approximately 28.7% of the membership interest of Purnovate and Mr. Newman controlled two entities that, together, own less than 1% of the membership interests of Purnovate.  
Bespoke Growth Partners, Inc. [Member]    
Related Party Transactions (Textual)    
Market price per share   $ 1.40
Private Placement [Member]    
Related Party Transactions (Textual)    
Unregistered shares   357,143